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    Kiss Wow Club Makeup Brush Set in Blush 1 zoom


    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Make Up Brush Set 5 zoom


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    Blush Makeup Set 1
    Kiss Wow Club Makeup Brush Set in Blush 1
    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Make Up Brush Set 5
    Kiss Wow Club Makeup Brush Set in Blush 2
    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Make Up Brush Set 3
    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Make Up Brush Set 4
    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Makeup Brush Set 9
    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blue Make Up Brush Set 2
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    Kiss Wow Club Pro Blush Makeup Set£35.99

    A gorgeous set of blush pink make up brushes which are packaged in a sleek pink blush makeup case finished with a pink ribbon to tie everything together.  This is such a chic makeup brush set – you’ll love the soft fluffyness of the brushes.
    KWP1 – The KWPI is the Large Powder Brush. This big fluffy multi-purpose powder brush has a rounded top can be used on any powder-based products and some light liquid-based products.   The powder brush is designed for powder products such as blush powders, setting powders and bronzing powders. Can be used in the final step of your makeup application by applying and finishing off with some translucent powder in setting your makeup.   Use for setting your makeup, by tapping the brush lightly over your face.   Can also be used for applying your blush or bronzing powders by swirling over the cheeks and temples.
    KWP2 – The KWP2 is the Angle Cut Foundation Brush.  This brush features an angled shape which allows for precise and targeted application of product in hard to reach places.  The angled shape allows for more precise shading. Softer, fluffy angled brushes are great for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter.  The angled bristles of this brush are designed to reach hard to reach areas of the face such as around the nose and under the eyes.
    KWP3 – The KWP3 is the super fluffy and dense Rounded Foundation Powder Brush and is perfect for applying your liquid or powder foundation. The foundation brush is super soft and is perfect for setting your foundation makeup. Use this brush for applying your foundation and other setting products. You can also use it to apply bronzer.  Use by applying your liquid or powder based foundation over the face by dabbing your foundation over your face then use the brush to blend out from the centre of the face outwards, making sure you apply to the contours of the nose and eye sockets.
    KWP4 – The KWP4 is the Oval Rounded Powder Brush. Use the angled contour brush to add   contour powders or powdered bronzer along the hollows of the cheeks.  The Angled Contour Powder Brush is made of the softest bristles and is soft, light, and fluffy to the touch. Apply your contouring powder or bronzer in sweeping strokes just under the cheekbones, then up and over the temples and then under the jaw to define the face.
    KWP5 – The KWP5 is the Rounded Blush Brush and is super fluffy, soft and a dream to use (and look at). The KWP5 Rounded Blush Brush is the perfect powder brush for all your blush powder application needs. Use this multi-purpose brush to define and contour with pressed and loose powder blushes, highlighters, and bronzers. Use the rounded blush brush to apply your blusher, bronzer and powders. Super soft and fluffy gorgeous, the Rounded Powder Brush is the perfect brush for all your blusher application needs. The rounded blush brush can also be used to apply bronzer and other coloured powder products.
    KWP6 – The KWP6 is the Oval Shaped Eyeshadow Blending Brush perfect for creating your eyeshadow looks. The eyeshadow blending brush is oval shaped and can be used with liquid and cream eyeshadows and powder-based eye shadows.  This oval shaped brush delivers good blend application to any eyeshadow look and the shape is suitable for any eyeshadow look. The hairs on this brush are soft and flexible.
    Perfect for blending  in your eyeshadow, swirl the brush into your eye shadow colour and  then tap off any excess. Use long sweeping strokes to blend colour across the eyelid until you have achieved your desired look. You can also achieve a contoured look by using the brush to apply a dark shade of eye colour to the corner of the eye lend and blend. It can also be used to highlight just under the brow bone, over and into the crease and diffusing all over the lid.
    KWP7 – The KWP7 is the Rounded Eyeshadow Blending Brush. The KW6 is fluffy, good for blending eye shadows and suitable for all eye shapes and sizes. Create dreamy eyeshadow looks with our Angled Blending Brush. The Angled Eyeshadow Blending Brush is the perfect eye brush for detailing any eye makeup such as, smudging under eye eyeliner, highlighting under the eyebrow and inner corners of the eyes. Use the Angled Eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow underneath and above the eye to create serious eyeshadow looks.   Angled Eyeshadow Blending Brush is good for blending all of your eyeshadows together, preventing hard edges or rough lines. Use by lightly swirling over the eyes, blending into the eye crease and over any edges to soften the application of your eyeshadows
    KWP8 – The KWP8 is the Lip Brush. Use the lip brush to blend liquid or cream lip sticks together. Use this brush with any lipstick and is particularly good for defining the shape of your lips and then using to fill in with your lip colour.
    KWP9 – The KWP9 is the Smudging Definer brush. Used for smudging and softening your eyeliner and eye shadow application to create the perfect smokey eye. Use to smudge out eyeliner and shadow along the crease. The Smudging Definer brush helps to add detail to any eye makeup look. Use the KWP8 smudging definer brush to add any glitter, shimmer or powder-based pigments, or smudging eye products to create the perfect smokey eye look.  You can also use this brush on matte, Shimmer and Cream Shadows to achieve the ultimate blend.
    KWP10 – The KWP10 is the Concealer Brush which is used for targeted concealer application. Use the concealer brush for applying and blending out liquid, cream, and powder concealer formulas. Use the brush to dab concealer onto any problem areas, stippling over the edges to blend.  This brush is perfect for applying and blending concealer around the nose, under the eyes and for covering blemishes.  The concealer brush can also be used to apply eyeshadow and glitter, to use with glitter, dip into product, tap off any excess and apply to desired area by pressing firmly onto the skin.
    The KWP12 cut crease brush features an ultra-thin angled tip that fits snuggly into the eye socket. As well as being the perfect curved brush for cut creases, it’s also great for building up brows. The defined point fits right into the crease of your eye for a targeted application of colour.


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